Sean Morton has made his mark on the comedy scene very quickly since starting in 2008. His takes on marriage, kids, pop culture and growing up as the chubby Italian kid resonates with crowds of all ages. Brutally honest, Sean will say pretty much what everyone else is thinking but too afraid to say. There is no topic “off the table”. He has performed at major clubs and casinos all over the North East, California and Canada.


Sean, an only child and raised by “a crazy Italian mother and even crazier Italian grandmother”, and he is the product of 20 years of Catholic School Education. He was a singer in a hard rock band as a teenager which the Nuns were very pleased about. And his tattoos! Now fully grown, he stands 6’3” and weighs 350 pounds. THAT is a lot of comedian and comedy!!


He has been featured on 2 nationally released roast dvds entitled Ring Roasts, which honors professional wrestling superstars. He has also been featured on SiriusXM Satellite Radio and just released his first dvd called Don't Judge Me. He’s breaking out and can be seen at all of the big club scenes from Uncle Vinnies to Bananas to the Comedy Cove to the Looney Bin.


Sean is now the Featured Comic for such powerhouse Comic Headliners such as Vic DiBitetto, Fred Rubino and Richie Minervini and is now performing with Vic at many of his large and important venue appearances.


Sean is married to his best friend. That’s nice.